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Poster: tigerbolt Date: Jul 16, 2008 4:04am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Another history question: TMNSP

some came from the "honeymoon tapes"david gans house was broken into while away on his honeymoon and the tapes he was using for the grateful dead hour where stolen which eventually
where return but not after copies where made at least that's how the story goes in the dead lore.since then gans has released lots of shows.

dan telling how many shows he leaked out to the tapers around him.he was known to let stuff go for party favors.

tapers..some where lucky to patch into the board.who and how many i'm not sure.

roadies..i haven't read anything about them leaking shows out but it's highly probable and i'm sure you can bet your paycheck that some of those guys leaked out shows. know the history on that.

dick latavala..was known to make copies of shows for certain people who later let them out after his passing.

owsley...i doubt it since he's very protective of his sonic journals but his recordings circulate but probably came from gans or latavala.

the band members..i've never read anything definite but i'm sure they did prior to the digital online trading.

that's the info i've gathered over the years and if you combine all that you have a nice collection built over the best guess that the majority came via gans,betty and latavala.i'm sure if you emailed charlie miller he probably have a more definite answer.

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Poster: Dhamma1 Date: Jul 16, 2008 10:42am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Another history question: TMNSP

Thanks again, Tiger.